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Thursday, 12 March 2015


Wowweeee,  2015 - in full throttle!

December is always a blur, events nearly every night and if not working then definitely playing...

January definitely got away, February flew and spring has finally graced us with its presence, IT IS MARCH ALREADY! which means Crewe-Read Photography has been BUSY!

So what better a way to grab the new and 'kick ass year' by the nuts, than to introduce you to West London's newest and most fabulous Gym.

A hidden gem in Holland Park! Hooray!

GYMCLASS had just celebrated its official launch and with a room full of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful people, my job to capture the evening was more than a pleasure!

Fronted by celebrity trainer, fitness expert and gorgeous ambassador for her brand Helle Hammond, (former GymBox, City Altheletic and Barry's Bootcamp trainer too - the list is endless...) the studio, boasting with serious state of the art equipment, filled up in seconds with perfectly sculpted men and women sipping Champagne, and all here to support Helle and her fantastic fitness empire.

Helle and her daughter enjoying the party

Champagne and canapés c/o The Rum Kitchen

So naturally, I had to give it a go - to see what all the hype was about 
(and in a futile attempt to make gentle movements towards that perfect bikini bod...)

I'm not sure whether to thank Helle and her team for such a kind? gesture in inviting me along  for a work out, but in any case, off I went the following morning to Maciella Culliford's class who showed me the ropes (quite literally) and took probably The. Most. Gruelling (but hell it was satisfying!)  

GymClass Maximus (Glutes and Leg) workout

...that I have ever done! It was amazing!!

A circuit style workout using bikes, frames and the TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) performance training tool that leverages gravity and the users body weight to complete each exercise, blended with HIT squats and glute assasination followed by ab-crunching mat work.

The Team

A truly unique experience and definitely the best work out I have ever been on, so definitely go and check it out and see what they have to offer! Something for everyone at GymClass!

For more information please email
0207 460 1764

GYMCLASS is open 

Mon-Fri   6am - 8.30pm
Saturday   8.30am - 5pm
Sunday     9am - 4.30pm

All images  ©Crewe-Read Photography 2015

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